For more than twenty years, Yukultji Napangati has created gorgeous, shimmering paintings which evoke the vast Western Desert where she was born. Minimalist in palette and formally abstract, her paintings draw on the ancestral myths handed down through kinship lines which are both sacred and distinct.  The country that Napangati paints is the remote Gibson Desert in Western Australia, north of Kiwirrkurra near the great salt lake Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay), the heart of the Pintupi homelands. She was born there and lived nomadically with her small family of nine until the age of fourteen, when they were sighted and subsequently reunited with her Pintupi kin. Making national headlines as the last of the desert nomads,“The LostTribe”(or “Pintupi Nine”) generated a media sensation when they were discovered in October 1984 living independently and without contact to the outside world. But despite the attention, they insisted that they were not lost, merely living off the land as their ancestors had for millennia.