The younger brother and lifelong collaborator of Alberto Giacometti, Diego was born in 1902 into one of the most influential families of the Modern period. Sharing an appreciation for the sculpted form similar to that of his brother, Diego garnered attention from collectors and gallerists who saw his comparable talent in his early works that were often meticulously crafted stands and props for Alberto’s sculptures. Establishing himself as a sculptor in his own right in the mid-1930s, Diego’s plaster maquettes translated flawlessly into the bronze furniture and objects that he is now so celebrated for. 


As an independent artist, he began incorporating his affinity for nature into his designs, echoing the Alpine surroundings of his childhood and transforming familiar flora and animalia into bronze. This highly sought-after subject matter is wonderfully apparent in the Abouret de coiffeuse à la Souris chair, featuring a lively mouse climbing up the leg of the chair. A delightful mis-en-scéne, it captures the wonder and charm at the heart of Giacometti’s practice.


In Low, oval table with “Owl in flight, nest, and perch”, the tabletop sits delicately atop the arc of the bird’s flight. Refined and articulately rendered in bronze, the frame of the table is beautifully naturalistic, resembling the organic shapes of branches and bones.