In MyungJin's most current body of work, 'Paradise', she sculpts organically shaped, low relief, narrative story vessels in warm earthy terra cotta rather than the porcelain clay she had used for so many years in previous bodies of work. Although the themes in her work are archetypal, MJ filters and distills events from the immediacy of her own life as poignant subject matter in her art. MyungJin’s narrative story vessels depict a primal botanical landscape inspired by the ancient plants in her garden. Frequently subject matter among other things, are mated pairs of owls and birds. The owl has been an enduring subject matter appearing intermittently through the years in MJ Kim’s ceramic art.

Each vessel is hand-made with terra cotta clay. Imagery is begun as low relief sculpture around the vessels with painted details in white slip added to complete the image. It is where the complexity of the 2 dimensional and the 3 dimensional come together to complete a form and an image. The vessels are painted and polished with terra sigilatta, best known as the surface finish on remarkable pre-columbian ceramic art from Mexico, Central and South America. This shift in her work was inspired by a recent trip to Mexico City.